Domestic Abuse Advice
and Advocacy

It’s important that anyone experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence knows that they are not alone. Southside’s Independent Domestic Violence Service offers expert support to both men and women.

Our professionally qualified Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs) provide immediate crisis support. The service can be requested directly by individuals, or we may be introduced via other agencies like the police, local hospital, or social services.

Southside’s IDVAs provide specialist advice and intervention to reduce the risk of serious harm to adults and children. Expert risk assessment, safety planning and advocacy support (helping people deal with the legal system and other organisations) all contribute to reducing repeat incidents of abuse.

To learn more about Southside’s Domestic Abuse Advice and Advocacy services, contact us.

Watch Lisa’s story on video on the BANES website.

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“I am much better at handling it when I get angry now and I feel a lot less stressed. My girlfriend said that I am easier to live with and I don’t get so worked up with the kids.”